Updated: November 06, 2018
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The Ultimate Guide to Cafes in Shibuya

Wondering where to have a coffee break or looking for nice cafes to go on cafe hopping in Shibuya? Check out the following cafes!

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Streamer Coffee

Streamer Coffee is a popular coffee shop located in 20 different parts of Japan. Its original store was opened in Shibuya. People go there to get good coffee made by latte artists and some delicious sandwiches or donuts.

BiO Cafe

If you are organic food lover, this is where you should visit. BiO Cafe offers healthy and organic food! They also offer vegan menus. All of their dishes are healthy and organic, but they offer dishes like curry, burgers and noodles, and you'll definitely have a satisfying experience here!

and people jinnan

and people jinnan is a unique themed cafe restaurant located in the heart of Shibuya. Its atmosphere is so cozy that lots of people go there to have a dmc. They offer Japanese style meals during lunch, and for dinner it turns into a romantic, pretty restaurant with some Italian cuisines. They also have a branch in Udagawa, pretty close from Jinnan.


GORILLA COFFEE is a coffee shop located in Shibuya, Roppongi and Ikebukuro. Like gorillas have strength, their coffee is mighty strong too! They also have cakes and sandwiches, so if you are looking for a good coffee and good food, try GORILLA COFFEE.


If you want some fresh air, you should go to Little Nap COFFEE STAND! It is located very close to Yoyogi Park, so you can enjoy their delicious coffee with some fresh air and greeneries. They also have ice creams, which definitely will make your day.

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation

Cosme kitchen Adaptation offers organic and natural food! They have healthy vegetable buffet, salad, pasta, burgers, and more! They also have a juicery where they offer cold pressed juices and smoothies. If you want a healthy and filling food at a reasonable price, check out Cosme Kitchen Adaptation!

Acai Cafe by FRUTA FRUTA

Feeling tropical and craving acai bowl? Guess what, Shibuya has Acai Cafe by Fruta Fruta where they serve delicious acai bowl! They also have acai parfait topped with lots of tropical fruits like mango and dragon fruits! Great place to stop by for a quick break. The store is located inside Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs store.


Located close to Yoyogi Park, BONDI CAFE is a relaxing cafe with sofa and couches. You can also bring your dog with you, so it is a really popular cafe for dog owners too. Their food menu are really appealing too, with some eggs benedict, pancakes, acai bowls, pasta, etc. It is open from 9 during weekdays and from 11 during weekends, so you can have a tropical breakfast or brunch anytime!


FLAMINGO is a vivid cafe with a vibrant pink interior decor! This cafe has American vibes, and they serve Shibuya limited food and drinks like "Shibuya Beer", "Shibuya keema curry" and "Udagawa Cheesecake". They also have free wifi and outlets, which is really helpful! It is open until 5 am, so you can even have some drinks too. Located around a 9-minute walk distance from Shibuya station.


Hotel Emanon is a restaurant located in a quiet residential area with refined and cozy atmosphere. The interiors and exteriors are really stylish, which makes you forget that you're in a busy city Shibuya. There are few interesting facts about the name of the restaurants: "EMANON" can be read as "NO NAME" backwards, and although the name has "hotel" in it, it is not an actual hotel! They offer menus like burgers, pasta, garlic shrimp, etc.

Butlers Cafe

Many of you may heard of Maid Cafe culture in Japan, but have you ever heard of Butlers Cafe? This cafe is made for women to have a relaxing and fun cafe experience with their good looking butlers. Their menus are extensive, from salad to pizza and a variety of pasta. Of course they have desserts too! You get to feel like a princess! Around a 7 minute walk from Shibuya station.


If you want to know more about wifi cafes or coffee shops in Shibuya, check out the links below!

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