Updated: November 06, 2018
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Pathway To The Japanese Alps: Where To Eat Around Nagano Station

Nagano City

Nagano station is one of Japan's main connecting stations to other parts of the country. Nagano city has plenty of things to do and see and is a popular destination for people wanting to see the Japanese Alps and experience the natural beauty Japan has to offer. So next time your around Nagano station here is 5 places to check out for lunch or dinner!

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Check out Nagano City and surrounds!

Nagano is is located in the Chubu (central part) region of Japan and is the capital of Nagano prefecture. The town evolved around one of Japan's famous temples Zenkokuji, but is largely known for it's splendid scenery, clean air, fruits, and the picturesque Japan Alps!
Nagano station is one of the countries main jumping points for sightseers along the bullet train line out to western Japan and a popular destination for hikers and outdoor adventurers!


Tomizushi is a great sushi joint in downtown Nagano city just a mere 85m from Nagano station. Just a short down a side street will lead you to this cool spot to grab some fresh sushi and seafood! It's a pretty large restaurant with 120 seats. There's also some counter seats - get in quick though as they are usually popular.
If you're heading there around lunch you can easily pick up a set meal like the one above for under 2000 yen! Such a good price for this amount of sushi and sides! Dinner will be a little more expensive but average cost is around 2000-3000 yen per person.

Sushi Tsukiji Nihonkai

Tsukiji Nihonkai has a few locations across Japan and owned by a larger company with many other restaurants. The quality of sushi they serve here is very very good! It's a bit smaller than the restaurant but they also have counter seating and private seating - great for dates ;)
Lunch time deals here are pretty decent with the average around 1500 yen for a decent set meal of sushi or sashimi, considering dinner prices kind of jump to the 6000 yen mark - so head here for lunch if you're looking to eat quality sushi for a pinch! Better yet it's just a 30 second walk from Nagano station!


For some reason I'm always drifting towards Italian restaurants in Japan, but I think there's a reason for this - they serve up some awesomely tasty food! Buono! Yoshizaki is stylish Italian eatery located about 150m from Nagano station just near Minami Chitose park.
You can easily eat here for under 1500 yen at lunch and under 3000 yen for dinner. I 100% recommend the grilled beef platter with American and domestic beef. Another dish to try here is the beef on rice with a soft egg on top - a favourite of the locals!

Chao Ngon

Providing a special touch of Vietnamese flavours to Nagano city is Chao Ngon. Located about a 5 minute walk from Nagano station you'll find this great little spot serving up some very tradtional and earthy Vietnamese cuisine!
When you think of Vietnamese food Pho noodle soup is probably one of the first things that comes to mind - the Pho is a must here! However, don't look past the fresh shrimp spring rolls or other stir-fry dishes! I also must say to leave room for desert - because... well just look! How can you pass up a giant bowl of ice cream! Lunch is super reasonable here too with most lunch sets under 1000 yen!


Meijitei is a katsu specialty (deep-fried pork cutlet) restaurant a mere 30 seconds from Nagano station. They have a number of locations across Japan so it's a great place to try out if you're traveling around and want to try different stuff!
Lunch and dinner is priced pretty much the same with a couple of lunch deals being slightly cheaper than the full options at dinner. Expect to spend around 1000 for lunch and a little bit more for dinner. Try the Miso pork cutlet over rice! It's massive and you can't go wrong!

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