Updated: November 06, 2018
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5 Places To Eat Amazing Seafood & Enjoy An Onsen In Atami City, Izu Penisula


Ready for fresh seafood and a relaxing onsen? Get down to Atami! The small city lies at the northeastern base of the Izu Peninsula, less than an hour west of Tokyo by shinkansen. Due to its close proximity to Tokyo it's very popular with tourists on weekends and international visitors alike! Check out these 5 smashing places for a hot onsen and delicious seafood!

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Atami City

Atami is a seaside city on Japan’s Izu Peninsula, just a couple hours train ride soutwest of Tokyo. Set amongst volcanic hills within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Atami city has been a prominent resort town for centuries due to its numerous natural hot springs. A perfect place for amazing seafood and a relaxing onsen.

Restaurant Yashokudokoro (Atami Korakuen Hotel)

Located on at the southern end of Atami near the wharf, Atami Korakuen Hotel can't be missed! The beautiful palm trees and the fresh ocean breeze give it the perfect atmosphere to enjoy an onsen and eat fresh sashimi.
On the 4th floor of the hotel you'll find Restaurant Yashokudokoro that combines beautiful freshly caught seafood with seasonal vegetables and accompanying meats. Prices are fairly reasonable too with a plate of sashimi costing around 900 yen.
After your meal why not relax in their gorgeous onsen overlooking the ocean. It offers a perfect view of the surrounding area view giant floor to ceiling windows!

Atami Onsen - Ryokan Tachibana

Ryokan Tachibana is located in Atami Onsen Resort which is approximately 50 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen. The Japanese-style ryokan serves up specialty Japanese cuisine. It's a 6 minute taxi ride from Atami station.

These guys prepare their dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients that are a plenty in Atami. All their ingredients are purchased directly from vendors in the Numazu Bay area.
The water in the onsen is from a natural onsen spring. With an open-air bath, you can relax amongst scenic mountains.

Furuya Ryokan

Furuya Ryokan is a Japanese style hotel established in 1806 and located about a 5 minute taxi from Atami station. Some of their rooms even have an open-air onsen so you can enjoy a soothing bath with privacy.
Furuya Ryokan serve an authentic Japanese dishes, prepared with every max detail. Enjoy the superb and elegant dishes with seasonal ingredients in a relaxing atmosphere with heartwarming Japanese hospitality.

The chef has worked in a number of restaurants in top rated hotels in Atami city. He has a reputation for his authentic Japanese Kaiseki (multi-course Japanese traditional cuisine) and is truly committed to serving fine Japanese cuisine.
Their onsen receives its water directly from the source and is neither cooled nor
heated up in order to maintain temperature!

Hotel Micuras

If you're looking to enjoy an onsen and good food get here now! Located in Atami 5 minutes by taxi from the station. Hotel Micuras is also a popular location for watching the famous Atami fireworks in the summer season. It's a super stylish hotel that offers Japanese-style relaxation and comfort.
Located on 3rd Floor, The restaurant “Micuras Dining” offers exquisite food and fine wines. It kinda sets a new standard for fine dining in Atami. Enjoy all the fresh ingredients Atami has to offer. I'd recommend the Gifts From The Sea course as it features a delicious lobster!
It features a spectacular open-air hot spring with unbroken views of the Pacific Ocean!

Hotel New Akao

New Akao Hotel is about a 7 minute taxi ride from the station. Located one of the most scenic spots in Izu, the founder was very impressed by the unique scenery, established this resort without destroying the nature. The hotel itself fits in the land like a big tree with oceanviews all round!
There is two restaurants to dine in. Japanese and Western mixed cuisine and a Japanese buffet. You'll sure be satisfied by the use of fresh seafood and locally farmed vegetables.
There's 3 different onsens in Hotel New Akao, but this one seems to be the most appealing I think!

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