Updated: December 20, 2019
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All the 11 Michelin star tempura restaurant of Tokyo


Here is the complete list of all the Michelin star tempura restaurants found in Tokyo. Three of them earned 2 Michelin stars and eight of them have 1 Michelin star. Reservation information is also provided.

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2 Michelin Star Restaurants

In 2019, there were only three tempura restaurants in Tokyo that were awarded 2 Michelin stars. Here they are.

Tempuro Kondo [Ginza]

Obtaining Michelin stars is no easy task, but, with the chef's dedication and many years of experience, the restaurant rose to the top. Once you try the tempura at this restaurant, you will understand what sets it apart from all the others.

This two Michelin star restaurant isn't vegetarian per se, but they are accommodating to vegetarians. This place is a must-try because the tempura is simply exquisite. The tempura vegetables are crisp and juicy.

The restaurant's signature dishes are the prawns and the sea urchins wrapped in shiso leaf. The mix of flavours and textures will simply blow your taste buds away.

The batter is light, unlike anything you've ever had! This restaurant is highly popular so it's a little difficult to get a reservation; it is easier to go for lunch, and it's just as satisfying! It is a two Michelin star restaurant, so prepare to pay accordingly.

For lunch, it's between ¥6,500~¥10,000; and for dinner, it's over ¥20,000.

Ten Tempura Uchitsu [Hiroo]

Tempura chef Uchitsu trained at the prestigious Tempura Yoshino hotel restaurant (formerly in Nikko Hotel, now in the Hilton Tokyo in Odaiba) for 12 years before opening his own restaurant in 2008.

He rose to the top of the tempura world quickly, getting praise for his delicate seasonal creations which he adapts to the taste of his patrons.

The venue is also exceptional, with a view on a garden from the counter. The sight is peaceful and makes you further feel the seasons. There is also a table for six if you would rather have a more private dinner.

Basically, if you dine at Uchitsu, you will be treated to an omakase course of around ¥25,000 or more.

Ginya [Shirokanedai / Meguro]

Ginya is the lesser-known 2-Michelin star tempura restaurant of this list. It only has an 8-seat counter inside so you get a pretty cozy and intimate setting. The chef here is quiet but very kind if you ask him questions.

The tempura is cooked with the perfect crispy, thin and delicate outer crust. The ingredients are all of outstanding quality, so you taste the naturally sweet and savoury flavors of each piece.

A full omakase course here is ¥15,000.

1 Michelin Star Restaurants

In 2019, there was a total of eight 1 Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo. Here they are.

Seiju [Tsukiji]

You might think that tempura is best enjoyed with some kind of Japanese alcohol, but actually the cuisine works great with wines too. The wine at Seiju is what sets them apart from the other tempura houses. With an in-house sommelier, they'll recommend the perfect pairings.

If you have an omakase course paired with fine wines, then you should expect to pay over ¥20,000.

The restaurant has a classy traditional atmosphere. It has only one large 13-seat counter surrounding the kitchen where you see the chef fry the tempura right before your eyes.

Mitsuta [Tsukiji]

The reputable restaurant Mitsuta has been opened for more than half a century (opened in 1957). Run by chef Mitsuta, it is an institution of the Tsukiji area.

Unlike many other restaurants on this list, Mitsuta is also open for lunchtime, which doubles your chances of getting a reservation.

The lunch courses are ¥14,000 and include 4 shrimps, 4 pieces of fish and 5 vegetables.

The dinner courses are just a bit more copious with one additional shrimp and one additional piece of fish. The total for the evening course is ¥16,000.

There are some counter seats and a few table seats as well.


The vegetable tempura at Motoyoshi is incredible and is suitable for vegetarians. The restaurant is tiny, but you get to sit at the counter and watch the chef do what he does best!

You can have a fantastic omakase course for ¥15,000, but there are cheaper menus to choose from too.

The decor here is amazing with branches protruding from the ceiling above the kitchen.

Tempura Maehira [Azabujuban]

Maehira is a new restaurant that has just opened in the fall of 2017 and that has already created a buzz and even earned a well-deserved Michelin star.

Both the seafood and the vegetables are incredibly fresh and beautifully presented to you in trays before being fried. So your amazing tempura experience begins even before the food is being cooked.

All Michelin star tempura is beautiful but this place takes particular care in making the presentation outstanding. They serve every piece on a stylish metal gridiron plate so that it looks even better. The raised grid also lets any excess oil drip away.

This is a pricey restaurant with omakase courses between ¥20,000 and ¥30,000 but considering the quality of everything and the care put into the preparation, it is worth considering.

Tempura Fukamachi [Ginza / Kyobashi]

Tempura Fukamachi is incredibly popular so if you want to eat there, a reservation is a must.

They're open for lunch, and they have courses that are relatively cheap for a Michelin restaurant. Lunch courses are between ¥8,000 to ¥13,000.

If you go for dinner, the courses are a bit more sophisticated and will cost you between ¥13,000 and ¥20,000.

Judging by all the rave reviews online, it seems like the creamy sea urchin tempura is to die for.

Edomae Shinsaku [Hongo-sanchome]

Edomae Shinsaku is another relatively new restaurant that opened in 2016. The name 'Edomae', which is usually associated with high-end sushi, comes from traditional Tokyo cuisine in which ingredients that can be harvested or fished in the region are used. So you get to taste the true flavor of Tokyo at this place.

The omakase course is ¥15,000. They are only open in the evening from 19:00 to 21:30.

This restaurant is very particular about sake, which they recommend as a paring for their tempura. They recommend sakes that are usually mild-tasting because these are the ones that complement their tempura the best.

Nihonbashi Shisonoji [Ningyocho]

Nihonbashi Shisonoji is a small restaurant of 9 seats that specializes in both soba and tempura. Their tempura is so delectable, and they use some ingredients that other places don't, such as red meat.

The prices are relatively cheap for a restaurant of this reputation, with some lunch courses under ¥10,000 and dinner omakase from ¥13,000.

Tempura Shimomura [Ueno]

Tempura Shimomura has a large counter with 11 seats but also a table for four if you prefer that.

What is unbelievable here is the price! You can have a 1 Michelin star lunch from just ¥2,000. The vegetable tendon and the kakiage (fried oyster) tendon are both that price. For something more copious yet still quite reasonable, you can have their lunch courses from ¥4,500.

The evening courses are more expensive, but still kind of cheap for a restaurant of this stature. The dinner courses are between ¥8,000 and ¥15,000.

This is a standout choice among restaurants of all genres in the Ueno area.

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