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Kobe Beef Brunch With a Riverside View! Mercer Brunch in Kyoto [PR]

Kyoto City

Mercer Brunch Terrace House Kyoto is a classy restaurant at a premium location next to the Kamogawa river in downtown Kyoto. The restaurant serves a phenomenal brunch (with Kobe beef options!), and also turns into a romantic dinner spot once the sun goes down.

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Mercer Brunch Terrace House Kyoto

The sunny terrace dining room
With a prime location along the Kamogawa river near Sanjo Station, Mercer Brunch Terrace House Kyoto is one of the most scenic places to have brunch in Kyoto. The classy restaurant serves some outstanding brunch items including Kobe beef sets and scrumptious brioche french toast. After 5pm, the restaurant turns into a classy dinner spot, and offers a hearty menu of Italian-inspired pasta dishes and steak.

Mouth-Watering Brunch Menu

Brunch at Mercer is luxurious. The restaurant is known for its french toast, and anything that you order from the brunch menu will include 2 pieces! The basic brunch plates are ¥1,800 each, and come with a main item and french toast. There's everything from grilled salmon with eggs, to steak and eggs, to chicken and wild rice risotto.
One example of the 'Brioche French Toast Brunch Course'
For an extra ¥1,000, Mercer Brunch offers a 'Brioche French Toast Brunch Course,' which includes a salad, main dish, small skillet, french toast, and coffee or tea. Come between 3 and 5pm, and enjoy a decadent 'Afternoon Tea' set, which includes a three-tiered platter of luxurious mini-sweets and pastries, tea, and the famous french toast.

Kobe Beef Set

If you really want to take your brunch to the next level, go for one of the 'Premium Brunch' items. There's an A4 Kobe beef steak and eggs that comes with the famous french toast and a salad for ¥4,800, or an A4 Kyoto beef sirloin steak and eggs for ¥5,800, which comes with the same. These steaks are tender and amazing, and are definitely worth it!

French Toast

Famous brioche french toast
Mercer Brunch is famous for its brioche french toast, and luckily, anything you can order on the brunch menu will include at least 2 pieces of the fluffy, rich, toast. The french toast is available to order anytime before 5pm, when the menu switches to dinner.

Dinner is Also Fabulous

Wagyu-topped garlic fried rice, ¥1,500
When the sun starts to go down, Mercer Brunch is the perfect place to go for a romantic meal overlooking the river. The dinner menu is Italian-inspired, and includes hearty salads, rich pastas, and juicy steaks. The prices are quite reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food and the awesome location. In addition to the standard steak menu, there is also a "Premium Wagyu" menu which features Kobe or Kyoto wagyu steaks!
A4 Kobe beef steak served with fresh wasabi, ¥5,500


Mercer Brunch Terrace House is located a quick 3 minute walk from Sanjo Station, or a 10 minute walk from Kawaramachi station. It is next to the Kamogawa river, and is very easy to find. If you're planning to visit, it might be a good idea to make a reservation, as it can sometimes get pretty busy.
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