Updated: April 18, 2019
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Fantastic Fish and Where to Find it: Manten Sushi


Manten Sushi is a bright, popular Edomae sushi restaurant with locations in Marunouchi and Nihonbashi. The sushi is solidly delicious, and the price is as low at just ¥3,000 if you go on a weekday for lunch. This might be THE perfect lunch spot in Tokyo!

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Bang For Your Buck

The classic, Edomae style sushi served at Manten is wonderful. It wouldn't at all feel strange to pay 10,000 yen for the omakase(chef's choice) course, and you would leave feeling great about the meal. However, the dinnertime omakase course here is only ¥6,000!! Better yet, visit at lunchtime on a weekday, and the price drops to ¥3,000! This unbelievable price for such quality sushi makes Manten one of the best deals in the city.

Fantastic Fish

The cuts of fish used at Manten sushi are of reliably great quality. Here, you won't find the ultra-rare cuts of the finest blue-fin tuna served at 3-star Michelin sushi spots, but you also won't find anything that is of inferior quality. Everything is great. Everything is fresh. Everything is better than almost any sushi you could find outside of Japan. Eating here is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and you will leave in total satisfaction.

A Real Sushi Counter Experience

Manten only serves omakase sushi, so the whole meal will be decided by the chef (this way you know you'll get the best meal possible). Of course, if there's anything you really dislike, the chef will make changes to your course. The atmosphere here is a bit more relaxed than some other sushi counters, and the chefs will pace the meal based on the customer, which is very nice.

The chefs are rather young compared to many other sushi restaurants, but their skill is refined, and they are friendly and warm. It's a very comfortable environment to be in, and a great place to enjoy a meal.

Easy to Visit

Manten is very popular and well known for having unbeatable kosu-pa(cost-performance). Walk-ins at lunchtime can sometimes find a seat, but it's probably a safer bet to make a reservation, especially if you're going for dinner. Reservations can be made online, usually just a few days to a week in advance.

Note: if you reserve online for lunch, you'll have to pay ¥6,000 for the omakase course. ¥3,000 is only for walk-ins.

Manten's Marunouchi branch is directly connected to the subway station. Manten's Nihonbashi branch is just 4 minutes walking from Nihonbashi or Mitsukoshimae Stations.

Happy sushi-ing!

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