Updated: February 14, 2020
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Tokyo Omurice Restaurant Bucket List: Top 11

Omurice is a famous Japanese dish that traditionally consists of ketchup-flavored rice covered with an omelet. There are so many restaurants and cafes throughout Tokyo where you can eat omurice, so we've created a list of some of the best. Enjoy!

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tcc GINZA-no Yoshoku (tcc GINZAの洋食)

Tcc Ginza-no Yoshoku is a pleasant cafe-restaurant in the heart of Ginza with a beautiful view of the iconic clock tower of the Wako store. Make sure to get a seat by the large windows if you can!

Tcc has two delicious omurice options. The one pictured above is the wafu (Japanese-style) one that is served to you covered in an umami-packed savory glaze. The inside is takikomi gohan, which is a Japanese rice dish seasoned with katsuo dashi (stock of dried skipjack tuna) and soy sauce.

You can also have a classic western-style one, which comes with a tomato-based sauce with the inside being fried rice made with a nice bit of chicken, onions and mushrooms.

Taimeiken (たいめいけん)

Established around 88 years ago, this place is one of the most well-known restaurants in Tokyo that serves omurice. Just a minute walk from Nihonbashi station, you can enjoy their exclusive 'Tampopo Omurice'. Tampopo omurice is a type of omurice where when you slice the omelette in half, it falls open over the rice!

Edoya (エドヤ)

Established in 1954, Edoya is a very famous western-style restaurant in Azabu Juban. Just a 5 minute walk from No.7 exit of Azabu Juban station, you can savor one of the most delicious omurice in Tokyo. You should also try their Hamba-gu (hamburg steak; a patty shaped beef) too!

Meguro Mitsuboshi Shokudou (めぐろ三ツ星食堂)

Omuraice is typically prepared with ketchup flavored rice, but Mitsuboshi Shokudou serves a special soy-sauce flavored omurice! The menu here changes daily, so there's no guarantee that the omurice will be available on the day that you go. It's probably a good idea to call ahead to check in case you decide to visit. Their omu-ebi (shrimp) curry is also to die for. The restaurant is located 5 minutes walking from Meguro station, east exit.

RAKERU (ラケル 宮益坂店)

Rakeru is a chain restaurant that specializes in omurice, with locations mainly in the Kanto region of Japan. The restaurant has a calssic Japanese cafe vibe, with dim lights and faintly european decorations. You can enjoy good and delicious omurice here at a cheap price! In Tokyo, there is one location that is just a 3 minute walk from Shibuya station.

FRANKY & TRINITY (フランキーアンドトリニティー)

'Franky and Trinity' serves simple yet aesthetically pleasing omurice. Their omurice is also tampopo style (as mentioned above), so it's super soft and melty. People also sometimes refer to this type of omurice as 'dolphin omurice' since its shape reminds people of a dolphin.
Franky and Trinity is located 2 minutes away from Nakanosakaue station.

Ailnoir (アイノワール)

If you love organic food and want to try omurice, you should go to Ailnoir! The omurice here is cooked by a former French chef at a luxury hotel, and their omurice is famous for its unique appearance and texture. This is definitely not a traditional omurice, but it is interesting and quite delicious all the same.
The restaurant is an 8-minute walk from Higashi Kouenji station.

YOU (喫茶店YOU)

'Kissaten You' offers yet another aesthetically pleasing omurice. If you are in Higashi Ginza and looking for a place to have lunch, this is an awesome option! The omelette on the rice here is large and fluffy, just how it ought to be. They also serve a great egg sandwich, which is also worth trying.
You can be accessed via Higashi Ginza station.

Shiseido Parlour

Just a 5 minute walk from Shinbashi station, on the 4th and 5th floor of the Shiseido building is a restaurant called 'Shiseido Parlour,' a cafe space where you can enjoy exquisite Omurice! It is a little bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Their Omurice is one of the longest-running items on the menu and has been beloved by customers for a really long time. If you are in Ginza area and feeling a bit luxurious, you should check it out.


If you want something more filling, try Chamoro's omurice! Their omurice is famous for its satisfying amount. What distinguishes theirs from other omurice is that their omurice has Gyutan (beef tongue) on top! Aside from their signature Gyutan omurice, they also offer omurice with a croquette on top. both are definitely worth trying.
The restaurant is Just a 3-minute walk from the west exit of JR Yamanote and Saikyo line Ebisu station or a minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ebisu station.


Around a 7 minute walk from the number 3 exit of Kayabacho station, Tsuitsui offers super unique omurice! Along with their standard omurice, the restaurant also serves a risotto-like omurice where rice and eggs are mixed and cooked together. This is complemented by two different-flavored sauces which are served on each side of the plate. One is a tomato sauce with a slight sourness, and the other is a lovely mix of tomato sauce and fresh cream.

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