Updated: August 21, 2019
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8 Recommended Shabu Shabu Restaurants in Osaka!

Osaka City

Looking for a place to try shabu shabu in Osaka? We've got you covered! This is a list of 8 awesome restaurants that serve great shabu shabu. Enjoy!

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80 Years of History: Harijyu(はり重)

Located in Dotonbori, a 5-minute walk away from Namba station, Harijyu is a restaurant with more than 80 years of history.
This place is very famous for its sukiyaki, but the shabu shabu is also wonderful. Harijyu uses top-notch beef and an original, delicious sauce that will make your shabu shabu experience unforgettable! Enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere inside the restaurant as you feast on shabu shabu!

Great Cost Performance: Shabutei(しゃぶ亭 西梅田)

This place is very popular in Osaka, and one of the reason is the amazing 'cosupa' or cost performance. The price is very affordable for a shabu shabu joint, yet the meat that they use is high quality. Each person at the table here gets their own pot to dip the meat into, which is fairly unique, but great for eating at your own pace! The sesame dipping sauce is also worth mentioning, as it's delicious.
Shabutei is located about 3 minutes from Nishi-Umeda Station.

Rare Type of Pork: Nami Nami(なみなみ新町店)

Nami Nami is a pork shabu shabu restaurant that serves a rare type of pork called 'Nagasaki Houjuton.' In addition to shabu shabu, but they also offer other pork cuisines such as Tonkatsu and Roasted Pork, all of which are absolutely scrumptious. The drink menu here is particularly dangerous, as an all-you-can-drink local sake option is available for just 500 yen!
Nami Nami is located 3 minutes from Yotsubashi Station.

Meat from Kagoshima: Karen (華蓮 大阪心斎橋店)

The meat served at Karen is from Kagoshima prefecture, in the southwest part of Japan. It's actually part of a chain of restaurants run by JA Kagoshima Prefectural Economic Foundation of Agricultural Cooperatives, so the meat is top-notch. The interior of the restaurant has a Japanese "wa" theme, including several private rooms with a cozy atmosphere.
Karen also has a very interesting menu item; if you order 'Seiro Mushi,' you get to steam the meat instead of boiling it! Kagoshima is famous for its pork, but the restaurant serves beef as well, making it the perfect place to try both.
Karen is located 5 minutes from Shinsaibashi Station.

A5 Wagyu from Saga: SUMIKA(スミカ)

Sumika is a mid-range shabu shabu restaurant that specializes in premium A5 wagyu from Saga prefecture. It's a great option for those who definitely want to have super-premium A5 beef shabu shabu. In addition to the meat, the vegetables and sides that come with the dinner sets are delicious! Visiting at dinner time is recommended since they serve teishoku (a set meal) during lunchtime that isn't focused on shabu shabu.
Sumika is located less than 10 minutes from Higashi Mikuni station.

Pork Specialist: Gintei (銀呈)

Gintei is all about pork, and the restaurant serves a huge variety of pork-centric dishes including tonkatsu, butadon, and, of course, shabu shabu. Being a pork specialist, the quality of the pork served in the shabu shabu is terrific. The 'Shoga Nabe' is a great choice, as the ginger-based shabu shabu broth is a perfect complement to the sweet Japanese pork.
You'll find Gintei in a basement floor at a 5-minute walk of the Shinsaibashi Station.

Beautiful Setting: Mimiu (Main Location) (美々卯)

Mimiu is a truly wonderful restaurant that has a history of nearly 100 years. It now has a couple of branch locations across the Kansai region and beyond. The main location is in this beautiful traditional building pictured above. The flooring is covered with tatami mats which give it a truly Japanese ambiance. The food is excellent, although it's not exclusively a shabu shabu restaurant. Mimu specializes more broadly in hot-pot cuisine and noodles, and they just happen to serve a great shabu shabu. Course meals are between 3000 and 4000 yen.

Duck Shabu Shabu: Kawaramachi Dora Kamo (瓦町どら鴨)

This shabu shabu restaurant is quite special for offering duck meat shabu shabu! Sometimes it's good to try a different twist on a traditional dish. The shabu shabu course here is 2,950 yen, which is quite reasonable! The restaurant also specializes in wines, and they will gladly recommend a pairing for the types of meat that you choose.
Dora Kamo is located a 5-minute walk from the Shakaisuji Honmachi Station.

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