Updated: November 07, 2018
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Only At Henry's Burger in Akihabara (Tokyo), A Triple Patty Wagyu Burger!


Henry's Burger in Daikanyama still has a line-up since its opening. Now, a second branch has opened in Akihabara. So we went to check out what this Akihabara-limited triple patty Wagyu burger fuss is all about!

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The second Henry's burger to open in Tokyo

Only 10 minutes by foot from Akihabara or about 3 minutes from Suehiro Station, you can find the recently opened Henry's Burger! The resto is handled by the famous Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara.
The first shop opened in Daikanyama and is so popular there is still a line-up in front of the store.
The branch in Daikanyama is rather small so you have to wait in line for a bit in order to get a seat.
However, the recently opened Akihabara branch has a rather eat-in space on the second floor so you probably won't have to wait so long.
It's nice to be able to slowly enjoy the burgers at Henry's Burgers!

The A5 Japanese Black Cattle beef is cooked on a 2M iron plate!

At Henry's Burger in Daikanyama, you can only choose form the A or B combo.
But at Henry's Burger in Akihabara, there is a menu only for this shop, the C combo (¥1,944).
All three combos come with french fries and a drink, but the major difference is the number of patties for the C combo.
A has 1 patty, B has 2, and C has 3!
As soon as they receive your order, they will start cooking your patties on the 2M iron plate.
The iron plate weighs around 300KG!
The particularity of this plate is there is a hole where the fat is thrown out of.

The Akihabara-only menu: the juicy triple patty burger

We came to try the much talked about C combo (¥1,944).
Inside the burger are three patties, green leaves, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and their original sauce.
The patties are 100g each, so in total, that's 300g of meat!
The owner, Mr.Chuugen, carefully selects each cow to be certain of the quality. He chooses A5 rank Black cattle Wagyu (Japanese beef).
As he also manages a yakiniku restaurant, the parts that aren't fit for yakiniku, but still have a strong umami and flavour are made into beef patties.
The taste of the burger is very simple, it is seasoned with only salt & pepper, which lets you taste the meat's natural flavour.
The patty is cooked and pressed on the hot iron plate.

300g of beef!! But it's so addictive, you'll feel like you can't stop eating!

You can see from the picture just how juicy the meat is! It seems to be overflowing!
The buns are prepared with a home-made original recipe and are slightly sweet. They are also very soft, yet strong enough to contain all the good things inside.
As you bite through the burger, you can really feel the juiciness of the meat patties and you can taste the meat's umami.
The meat is very simply seasoned, and the saltiness comes through, but so does the sweetness of the meat's fat.

The patties and the buns tastes really balance each other and go very well together.
It was such a perfect burger!
The french fries are also really awesome.
They have a nice texture and are perfectly crispy. Once you start eating, it will be hard to stop!
Of course, you can also do take-out at Akihabara's shop.
When you don't have time, you can have this beautiful burger to go!


It was my first time having such a meaty burger. It was super juicy, but the taste wasn't overwhelming. I felt like I could probably eat a few more.
More than a single or double, I really suggest you get the triple patty!
Go try it out for yourself!
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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