Updated: December 07, 2018
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All About Lazy Egg Gudetama's Cafe In Osaka!

Osaka City

Gudetama is such an endearing character, mostly because he has no motivation to do anything. He does, however, have his own cafe in Osaka that you should definitely visit if you're a fan! Here's all about the cafe and the menu items you can order.

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Lazy Egg Gudetama And His Cafe In Osaka

Gudetama is a character by Sanrio (the same Japanese company that has brought us Hello Kitty). He's an extremely lazy egg with basically no motivation to do anything. The first part of his name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia "gudegude", which means something close to dead drunk, and the latter part of his name comes from "tamago" which means egg.

Gudetama Cafe in Osaka

The cafe is pretty spacious with an 84 people capacity. It opened in 2015 and is located on the 7th floor of the HEP FIVE building. Aside from food and drinks, you can also buy Gudetama goods. The cafe is located at about a 5-minute walking distance from the Umeda Station.

Gudetama Cafe Menu

Mountain! Roast Beef Don (マウンテン!ローストビーフ丼)

This is a "roast beef don" which have become really popular in Japan in recent years. Gudetama is at the summit of a juicy mountain of meat on which is poured a nice amount of onion sauce! This is dish is very popular.

Gudetama White Curry (ぐでたまホワイトカレー)

This curry is creamy and spicy. The point of interest here is Gudetama's derriere sticking out behind a sheet of bacon.

Soy Milk And Spicy Cod Roe Udon (しがらみ豆乳明太うどん)

You should try this one it's quite good. It's made of a rich and creamy soy milk-based soup and it has some great traditional Japanese toppings (spicy cod roe, nori seaweed, and green onions). Gudetama is a soft boiled egg here.

Gude Loco Moko (ぐでロコモコ)

A Loco Moco is a dish from contemporary Hawaiian cuisine. Don't mind Gudetama, you can mix everything together before eating it.

Oyako Don

This is an oyako don, which is a mix of eggs and chicken (the Japanese name means mother and child because of that). The title of this one in Japanese though is "it wasn't my mother, it was someone else" (親子じゃなかった、他人だった丼), as in it isn't chicken, it's something else.

Mango And Berry Dessert Plate

You get him in two versions in the custard-based dessert. One with mango and the other one with strawberries. Each one comes with its special sauce to pour on him.

Gude Mont Blanc Pudding (ぐでモンブランプリン)

This is basically pudding with a Mont Blanc topping. He got a fashionable hairdo for this one with a chestnut on top. This is a Gudetama signature dessert everyone loves.

Gude Latte Art

You can get a few kinds of hot latte drinks decorated with cocoa or matcha powder.

Cold Drinks

There is a variety of sweet drinks too. Soft drinks and blend coffee start at ¥450. You can get floats such as the one pictured above too. The point of interest again is Gudetama's behind. This one is titled in Japanese: "If there were a whole, I'd like to get in" (穴があったら入りたい...).

Gudetama Cafe's Limited Time Items

The cafe often has some limited time menu items. Some special offers include the one above in which you find Gudetama in a bowl of tempura udon.
This is a special sweet okonomiyaki pancake release marking the 5th year of the cafe (campaign from April 16 to May 31, 2018).
There is also a takoyaki dessert for the same occasion as the pancakes above. It's fun to have a typical Osakan cuisine Gudetama-style.


Gudetama Cafe is not only in Osaka! You may have the chance to see him in Tokyo as well, although the Tokyo location is only a pop-up store that comes and goes. Check out the link below as a reference to a past event (the same venue may be used in the future for the Tokyo cafe).
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