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10 Top Kaiseki Restaurants in Osaka: Taste Japan's Most Beautiful Cuisine!

Kaiseki is a style of Japanese cuisine consisting of a set of intricate dishes utilizing seasonal ingredients served in a course. Although often quite pricey, it's one of the must-try cuisines while you are in Japan! Here are 10 of the very best kaiseki restaurants in Osaka. Enjoy!

교토의 미쉐린 스타 가이세키 : 1, 2, 3 개의 별을 가진 6 개의 레스토랑

가이세키는 최고의 일본 요리입니다. 가이세키 요리는 다양한 요리 기술과 현지 재료를 선보이는 정교한 소규모 코스로 구성됩니다. 교토에는 세계 최고의 카이 세키 레스토랑이 있으며 많은 사람들이 미슐랭 스타를 받았습니다. 이것은 최고의 6 가지 안내서입니다.

Kappo Iwaki : 잊을 수없는 오사카의 전통 가이세키 요리

Kappo Iwaki is a truly outstanding Michelin-starred restaurant in Osaka's Kitashinchi, near Osaka and Umeda Station. The food here is traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, the highest form of Japanese cooking. Anyone looking for a memorable and delicious meal that features the best of the season's ingredients should give the omakase course at Kappo Iwaki a try!

Refined, Beautiful, and Delicious Kaiseki Cooking in Osaka at 'Terada'

Osaka's a big city filled with awesome food. Much of the best food that the city has to offer is delicious, but a bit less refined. 'Terada,' a Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant is different, however, offering both delicious food and refinement. If you're seeking a traditional and delicious meal in Osaka, this is one place you definitely want to consider.

오사카 최고의 가이세키 레스토랑 : Kashiwaya (3 Michelin Stars)

Kashiwaya is a 3 Michelin star kaiseki restaurant in Osaka, with an outstanding reputation for excellence. If seeking a truly unforgettable meal in Osaka, there's no better option than here.

Chihana : 65 년의 역사를 가진 교토 기온의 멋진 가이세키!

Located in Gion, Kyoto, 'Chihana' is a kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine) restaurant that first opened in 1954. Gion is one of the most iconic districts of Kyoto, and high-end kaiseki such as that served at Chihana is the perfect meal to complete a visit to the historical neighborhood.

Beautiful, Local, and Delicious: Kyoto's 2-Star 'Sojiki Nagahigashi'

'Sojiki Nagahigashi' is a 2 Michelin star kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto that serves incredible food which utilizes fresh local ingredients that the chef gathers each day. Guests lucky enough to dine here can experience kaiseki cooking at its finest while watching the chef from a seat at the counter.

'Mankamero' serves Kyoto cuisine that was eaten by emperors

2 성급 Michelin 레스토랑은 교토에서 가장 정통적인 전통 식사 경험 중 하나 인 Yusoku Ryori라는 희귀 한 현지 요리를 제공합니다.

교토 3 성급 미슐랭 교 카이 세키 레스토랑 : 기치 센 吉 泉

Kichisen is one of just seven restaurants in Kyoto to have earned 3 Michelin Stars. The restaurant serves an extravagant and visually stunning Kyokaiseki course. For those seeking to experience the very best of Kyoto's cuisine, Kichisen is about as good as it gets.

기온 난바 : 교토 가이세키 요리 (가장 세련된 지역 특산품)

Beautiful, naturally tasty, and very healthy, you've got to try Kyo Kaiseki while in Kyoto, and for that, there is no better place than Gion Namba, located in the heart of old Kyoto!

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교토의 미쉐린 스타 가이세키 : 1, 2, 3 개의 별을 가진 6 개의 레스토랑


10 Top Kaiseki Restaurants in Osaka: Taste Japan's Most Beautiful Cuisine!


교토의 화려한 카이 세키 요리 레스토랑!

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교토 3 성급 미슐랭 교 카이 세키 레스토랑 : 기치 센 吉 泉


교토 키토 아라시야마, 교토에서 가장 기억에 남는 가이세키 요리가있는 곳!

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